pour a glass. press play. add sun.

What’s summer sun without summer music? And what’s summer music without pretty you on a patio with memories to remember, and futures to entertain? Five years back or five years forward, music and champagne taste good. And so does a glass of Joie’s Rosé with just enough pinot meunier (it’s champagne cousin) to make it a great option for a Wednesday night. I promise, whatever you might think about this rosé or that rosé…Joie has concoted a blush of light, stupid, breezy fun. It’s also great with pakoras (as we found out this weekend on Rangoli’s off-Granville patio).

Joie Rose

If you’re not cooking, it’s $8.95/glass. If you are, it’s about $20 a bottle, split however many ways you like.

Go ahead. Dance. Have fun. Tell someone you’re happy.

Love, love, love,


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