My bridal shower

Bridal Shower


With this weekend began the real countdown to our wedding day. I never quite understood the essence of a bridal shower. I just don’t think I could appreciate the subtle ceremony behind the tradition. Let me share what I’ve learned: a bridal shower is one of the most important meetings of a girls’ life. As the women I love began to arrive – the caterers, the event planners, the operations managers, the psychologists, the consultants, the caregivers – I was fed, prepared, calmed and loved into a new experience of womanhood. The overwhelming feeling was one of encouragement. Not to mention, decadence and humour.

Several lemon tarts and a few mimosas later, I was armed with the physical and emotional tools to propel forward.

Thank you ladies.


3 thoughts on “My bridal shower

  1. Grace@PoeticHome

    What a wonderful bridal shower! Lemon tarts, cupcakes, and mimosas — and of course love and encouragement from family and friends — are the nutrients to embrace each new chapter of life, especially marriage!

  2. Kari

    It was one of the most beautiful bridal showers I have ever been to – can’t believe I had that many Mimosas and could still play squash later that day- they are magical!


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