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The Loot

Holt Renfrew

Sometimes your instincts are just right. For instance, the voice inside me that said, you must go to the Holt Renfrew Beauty Event and, you must buy that $75 dollar brush and, you mustn’t be afraid to ask the La Mer lady for an extra sample.

In fact, all bad life-decisions aside, I’m glad I’ve always been an enthusiastic instinct follower. I was certainly hearing that familair inner-stirring when I bought the Fekkai brush just knowing it would change my life (It did). And I was most definitely tuning in when I chose Yew as our meeting place (we ran into Duran Duran). Even when I passed up that dreamy hand massage from the Chanel man and let Sarah sit down instead, I was listening. Really listening.

Bet you never thought I could wean so much meaning out of a beauty event? Well, I am trying! I had a lot of time to reflect while I stood outside Holt Renfrew in a very long line-up trying to defend against savage line-cutters. Beauty event? Maybe. Pretty sight? No.

Anyways, I’ll leave you with that image. Take a peek at my loot above. I particularly love the Creed sample of Virgin Island Blue. So Cote D’Azur. And the packaging of the Prada sample, even though it gave me a headache.

Oh, let me say this one last thing: I had a great time with Sarah, Kari and Kat. It was a meeting of ladies that was the true reason behind dragging them to a scary sample-fest on a Tuesday night. The free drinks and Opus catering were just a bonus. Who doesn’t love a nice gift with purchase?

Total damage for attendance: $93.67.

Not too bad.


PS: The artsy bookmarks are mine. I thought the whole “beauty montage” above could use a touch of something gritty. I picked them up in San Francisco at Rex Ray Art + Design.

Calling Cards & Beauty Bash

Moo Cards

My calling cards from Moo have finally arrived! For only $19,99, plus $7 or so for the white mini-card holder, I get 100 glossy images about half the size of business cards. On the front, various pictures from my blog and travels. And, on the back, the words, “Watch for your review,” along with the Champagne Wednesdays address. What can you do with Moo cards? Flickr has some ideas here.

Holt Renfrew

Tonight, the lovely ladies and I are meeting at Yew for a G+T before heading over to Holt Renfrew for their Beauty Bash. The event is free (you can rsvp on their website) and it’s really all about two things:

  • The pre-event drink with friends, and
  • Bringing a good sized bag to fill up with free samples of things you’d never actually buy…

…expect for me, a total sucker for a good salesperson, who came home last year with Bobbi Brown lip gloss and blush as well as the very dear Stella McCartney skin care line.

Both of which, I still love, by the way.


Wishing Mondays were more random

It’s almost sad how many wedding magazines I’ve already collected from various grocery stores around town. I look down at the pretty ring on my hand and only half-believe it’s me. The weekend went too fast between breakfast on Lonsdale with Kat and an engagement dinner at Ash’s parents. Now I’m hesitating at the edge of this Sunday night, wishing Mondays were a little less predictable. Still, I just can’t help myself. I’m feeling sunny inside. Despite the rain. Despite the writer’s block. Thanks for all the congratulations. I will go back to my reviews and musings now. No more kissy-kissy pictures. I swear.

What I’d like: a flawlessly blue pool, a morning off, a book I can’t stop reading, a Pimms with grapefruit soda and cucumber, a pedicure, an alter-ego who loves doing laundry.


The Champagne of Champagne Wednesdays

She said yes

Please indulge me just a little.

There we are, back at the spot where we first met. The day Whiskey chased me down a field and gave me a clean, kiss of a bite right through my pants. And something about that, bit Ash. So, I tied Whiskey to a tree and for the next few months, we chased each other around instead.

GreeceParis - the kiss redone

Around Greece and then Paris. San Diego, Toronto, Seattle, Victoria, San Francisco. Moving in, moving out. Buying a home together. So many glasses of champagne later…


I said yes.

My face hurts from smiling

The adventure begins…again.

I love you.

A nice way to spend a Wednesday

curious boy Beach

A few of my favourite Vancouver hot spots for champagne sipping on a Wednesday night:

1) Bacchus Piano Lounge in the Wedgewood hotel – I love the masculine feel of this place. Oversized chairs, wood that’s dark and sturdy, the mature waitresses in their tight, black cigar dresses (I’m not sure if that’s an actual kind of dress but if you go, you’ll get what I mean). Champagne cocktails with French names abound.

2) 900 West lounge…yes, another hotel. But who could live without a night or two sipping martinis in the grand Hotel Vancouver lobby bar? Not to mention the free hors dourves between 4:30 and 6:00pm, or the live jazz after 8:00opm. I particularly love the crowd this place attracts. Eccentrics abound.

3) La Notte is one of those restaurants you can drive by a million times and never quite register. But you should. It’s good. Really good. Plus, you can get a piccolo of Henkel for $6.00. One for you and one for him. The insalata mista is a favourite as is the cute living room atmosphere with its white table clothes and Italian waiters. Plus, I love everything in Dunbar.

4) Jericho Beach, as seen from the comfort of your back seat with a down comforter and a laptop playing a guilty pleasure movie rental (we like the Bourne Trilogy). Best to sip champagne out of covert plastic cups, and not too much! Pretzels and the best chocolate you can buy make nice friends.




We’re back

From From My polaroid blogmy polaroid blog

Kind of like champagne on the breath, our amazing weekend is fading into memory all too quickly. 

It made me think of this hazy polaroid from Jen Gotch’s site.

San Fransisco is a city I need to think about a little longer before I decide where it sits on my internal map. That said, I will have many, many pictures and finds to share with you soon.

Until then, just a from-the-bottom-of-my-heart thanks to my wonderful.


The Secret

Hotel Huntington

A promise is a promise. So, I woke up promptly at 6:15am and announced, “it’s time!” because today is the day Ash promised he’d finally tell me where we’re going this weekend. Turns out we’re flying to a little southern town called…..

Hotel Huntington

San Francisco!

I am starting to think this whole branding-our-lives-with-champagne-thing was a really good idea. True, I snubbed my Can-lit loving nose at The Secret, but then I made a simple champagne wish and next thing you know, I’m off to the Fairmont San Francisco on Nob Hill.

This means I will happily be out of blog’s reach this weekend. We’ll see how many glasses of champagne we can fit in before Tuesday!

Thank you, Ash. My always-full cup of perpetual champagne.



Pics from

Paris Pink not LA pink

St Germain Paris

Wednesday’s Champagne: Pink by Yellowglen (Australian, $13.99). The back of the bottle says it has a soft, delicate mouth feel, and I think that pretty much sums it up. We paired it with two grilled cheese sandwiches and about 20 pickles. Perfect for spending the night trying to trick Ash into telling me where we’re going this weekend. The pink is the colour of that Sarah Jessica Parker perfume my sister used to wear. I think it was called Lovely. More Paris-pink than LA-pink. This is one of our regulars. It’s good for feeling like this:


Pairs at night

When you’re more inclined to feel like this:

George Pompidou in Paris


First two photos from this dreamy place…the last one from my own archives.