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Something Fresh


I bought this little greenhouse for my grandma, who passed away this year. Now it’s a nice reminder of her and the secret way she had with food. The difference between dried herbs and fresh herbs is a taste of life. A punch of joie de vie that will strike the ignition of your taste buds. Tonight, for Champagne Wednesday, the rosemary will make it into a marinade for pork tenderloin. Ash should be home with the Champagne soon…

Inside lives fresh: Rosemary, Thai Basil, Regular Basil and Thyme.

PS: in behind the greenhouse is my pink espresso print from Etsy seller, Annechovie, another steal at $20.

IMG_0269 IMG_0268

Greenhouse from Ikea, but many moons ago.

More in Dundarave (where Sundays happen)


This is the sign to the Bakehouse, where yes, people bake things. By the seaside. Good things. Things you’ll maybe wish you hadn’t eaten afterwards, unless you went directly following some some kind of morning activity like walking whiskey along the Ambleside seawall or showering vigorously.

The bread (oh the bread) is on the thick and grainy side with a surprising sweetness that makes you want to say something very cultured, like “bravo,” when matched with warm, drippy butter and homemade jam. You are, after all, in West Vancouver – where else could you accidentally get caught in the middle of a Porsche show?

I like the open plan of the kitchen, the friendly and helpful staff and the three tables outside that you can move according to the sun line without getting yelled at…not even by the Porsche lookers.

The coffee is not the star, but it’s reliable. good and organic. But then again, most everything is good by the seaside.

The Bakehouse at 2453 Marine Drive, West Vancouver
Tel: (604) 925-3031

Plenty nice on Robson Street

Plenty Notched Collar Trench

I love the store Plenty. How to describe it? It’s like the perfect group of really fun and interesting people at a laid-back party, but catered, with great music, food and wine. And that’s a lot to say about a clothing store. Anyway, I just bought this jacket for $69 (on sale from $94) and I have to say it is very Catherine Deneuve without being uncomfortably stand out-ish (in the way that anything a bit dressy can feel in Vancouver sometimes). I love it. Comfy and fancy all at once. Mine is in a khaki tone and I got it on Robson.

My Dad (loves me and Brunello)


I’ve always been a dad’s girl. (Hi Dad! Love you!). Here he is posing with my pretty mom at Hastings Race Course. We had four big winners on Saturday and then celebrated our men with a big dinner and a nice Brunello. If you are ever invited to a fancy dinner and want to impress, pick a bottle of that. For about $50+ (with an emphasis on up), you will be forever revered as dinner guest of choice, and often invited back.

Father's Day Dinner

Off for a hike. Time is mine this week. I plan to indulge in exercise, life organization and possibly a mini trip to Seattle.

PS: My most reliable purveyor of French champagne and not-so-expensive brunello is this shop on Davie Street.