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So you think you can…

Paris Fun Paris Long Jump 

Ohh na na na na…(theme song of So You Think You Can Dance…hereinafter known as SYTYCD).

At great risk of of my husband hating me forever, I give you these pictures of us in Paris. Possbile reasons for hating me: 1) Convincing him to leap in public; 2) Exposing photos of him wearing his man-bag; 3) Using the very close-up photo of him and the barely identifiable one of me.  

If you watch SYTYCD, you would know that this whole scene is very Mia Michael’s, except maybe a bit too happy for a woman with spikey platinum hair. The really funny thing is that we obviously had to trade turns to take the photo. One of us would have had to run down to the other end of the bridge and then wait for the next person’s running approach (do you see how much air we’re getting there????).  You would think that at least one of us would have backed out or pretended not to know the other person. But no, we REALLY must have been feeling it.

Another time I must have been REALLY “feeling it” was one Wednesday morning after a riveting elimination round on SYTYCD the night before. So moved was I that I went straight to the  ticketmaster website and bought a pair of SYTYCD tour tickets (tonight, 7:30pm, GM Place). Then I signed up for a hip hop dance class at Harbour centre. Then, I went to the class and couldn’t walk for three days. Then, I drank too much wine at my own birthday party and missed class #3. Then, for some reason, I told everyone I knew I was going to invite them to my class recital. And then, I had to stop being friends with all my friends so they wouldn’t really show up. Anyway – I truly have no idea what to expect tonight at the live SYTYCD performance, but I’ll admit it…I am painfully excited. I will try to capture film.

In other,  so you think you can news…So you think you can open a strictly vegetarian/vegan Mexican place? Last night, Ash and I tried the new Mexican restaurant, Bandidtas, on Commercial and 12th where the old Malaysian place used to be.  For me, the place was one shade too dingy, which says a lot because I don’t mind a good number of dingy-ish places (i.e. Cedar Cottage Pub, Finch’s Cafe, the Indian place in the Law Building, used cars).  

The food was fine, I guess, but not as fresh or appealing as Me & Julio’s. Of course, it was also a third of the price – and a good thing too because, at some point, you really can’t help but notice you’ve just ordered a bean burrito, with a straight face nonetheless. Ash had some roasted yams in his (good) but mentioned a crunchy texture he wasn’t familiar with in all his burrito-eating experiences (cabbage). Most bothersome was their idea that rocking chairs made good eating chairs, and their decision that the dirty old linoleum left behind by the Malaysians was fine enough to stay put (it wasn’t).  

To summarize – the whole experience was truly captured for me by a lovely little vingette of a birthday party two tables over when the 40-year old birthday boy (yes, he was wearing Thai fisherman pants…how did you know?) unwrapped a “Panicked Philospher” action figure. He was ecstatic.  It then occured to me that this mismatched group of people was most definitely one of those Philospher Cafe groups you always see advertising their meetings in the Gerogia Straight. I would have stayed for one more $4 beer in hopes of hearing just a bit of their post-burrito round-about, but we had to leave to go see Frost/Nixon. And we had to rush, because one time we were late meeting Jay for a movie at the East Van Cinema and he was all, “so you think you can leave me standing on Commercial Street with all these hippies?”

PS: I used to hang out semi-exclusively with the UVIC hippy types.

PPS: it is not beyond me to realize that there are probably lots of people out there (vegan people) who would argue Banditas is the best new thing since the quinoa comeback or Tom’s Deodorant. And they probably wouldn’t be caught dead at a SYTYCD concert.

Last weekend


There was a party.


And it was for me.


I just wanted to say thanks. It rocked.

On Sunday (yes, with a bit of a pain in my head), I read my new copy of Taschen’s Paris (thanks Matt and Kim) and then revolutionized my views on hospitality via Amy Sedaris (Thanks Jay and Christina).  I got so many other thoughtful gifts too. I really have stumbled into the greatest group of friends. And then there is my husband, who planned it all. He really loves me.

I am lucky.

Water/wine content


The novel Revolutionary Road is making me all frantic about everybody’s wine/water content, especially my own.  

It all began when I read this: “Mettre de l’eau dans son vin.” Or, as Clotide from Chocolate & Zucchini describes: Literally translated as, “putting water in one’s wine”  (i.e. selling out on one’s ideals, dreams).

The photo was taken in the depths of the Veuve Cliquout Champagne House in Reims, France. It was the year of the great comet of 1811. A perfect vintage. But saved in barrels for 200 years, it’s no better than pure vinegar.

A perfect champagne unsipped – kind of like a dream left unlived.  

I am not even sure adding un  to a word really makes it a word.

I think I just really need a weekend.

Anywho – onto the sunny side – after I declared it my birthday week (a few days early , no less), Ash has taken to bringing me coffee in bed each morning. And this Saturday, he is taking me for a birthday dinner of great mystery. Just another thing that makes him all wine, no water. 

So, looking forward to a high-content weekend!


For the day


What if the mightiest word is love, love beyond marital, filial,

national. Love that casts a widening pool of light. Love with no

need to preempt grievance.


In today’s sharp sparkle, this winter air, anything can be made,

any sentence begun.


On the brink, on the brim, on the cusp — praise song for walking

forward in that light.


– from ‘Praise Song for the Day’ by Elizabeth Alexander


Photo of Vancouver from the top of Cypress Moutain from unknown source.

Let the champagne find you.

San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco  

Say you’re in San Francisco, it’s a Wednesday, and you feel like having champagne.  And you’re broke, or you’re not broke, but it’s not in your blood to drop $65 on a bottle of sparkling wine in a so-so restaurant.  And maybe you’re not even all that hungry. It’s 3 o’clock, and long before any kind of dinner planning happens, you are thinking that plush bed in the Fairmont on Nob Hill deserves a midday nap. From you. 

I understand completely.

That’s why it’s so nice to share with you what we’ve learned over the past 4 years…

San Francisco 

Sometimes champagne just happens.

It’s the sound of guitar music escaping out the door of a small wine merchant, who’s willing to pour you a glass on the side. 

And that is why it’s important to wander. Wherever you are.

The best glasses of champagne are enjoyed that way.  Trust me.

What’s next…

Lobster and Swan

This is what Vancouver looks like, though it is not Vancouver. I almost forget what it’s like to see things sharply. Every edge is rounded; shaded out of borders. A hand becomes a wand. A car becomes a roaming buffalo….earlier I cursed the cold, but I’ve decided the mist can stay one more day.

Lobster and Swam postcards

Thank you cards are coming. I like sitting at the kitchen table with Ash, writing each one and then reading it to him out loud. He looks at me like I am oh so clever. Like no one else could have thought to say thank you in such a clever way. I am relishing the practice of it. So, as I said, the thank you cards are coming.

Lobster and Swan ferry lights

My birthday is also coming soon. 28 on the 28th. I’ve heard that makes it my champagne birthday, which seems divinely fitting since I plan to drink champagne on my birthday (Wednesday or not).

But nothing is coming sooner than bed. That comes now. Night.

PS: All the pretty photos from Lobster and Swan. A nice place to go, because let’s face it: not many people can pull off interior fairy lights, but she really seems too. And I can appreciate that.

The view

Paris polaroid

On days like this, I need a good view. Even if it’s just a new photo on my desktop. Ash tried for so long to get me out of bed this morning that he ended up back in bed himself. We taunted the clock until the last minute, blankets pinned at every corner, and then rushed to get to work. I blame the cold. And the dark. And the weeks off we spent draining our champagne supply. And him, for being so nice to wake up to.

Photo via here as seen on Bliss

Feeling a little nostalgic today (aka looking for excuses to bring up the wedding when it is clearly over)

Wedding Favours

I really can’t imagine a better wedding favour than our little army of piccolos. This is such a good idea. My mom called a liqour store and got a bulk discount on 70. Then, I ordered some custom tags on Etsy. It was the first time I ever saw people come back for their favours. Plus, we grabbed all the leftovers for our hotel room that night!

Onwards…Saturday night we took a long, winding ride through the British Properties and sat atop Vancouver to celebrate Jen’s birthday at Fraiche.  Here she is pictured at our wedding (ha! sneaky me!). Jen is in the royal blue dress, and her lovely husband, Matt, is to her right.

Deep Cove

Unrelated…This cottage-house is for sale in Deep Cove for $599,000. I cannot buy it, but you or someone you know really should. It’s a dream. It smelled good. There is ocean right out your front window (not to skip over the pub, which is even closer). Yes, you should buy it and then befriend me.  Or, better yet, I will befriend you, with champagne – any day you like! I will never again buy property without carefully considering the view out of each window. I think what you see out of the windows of your home is part of your home. In the future, it will be my deal breaker.


Back to the wedding. I just love this photo. I do. I wish I were half as sultry in real life. Thank you Tobyn Ross. You take a mean still shot.