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Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Just made this. It’s a favourite holiday loaf. I like loafs because they require two bowls, no electric mixing devices and little patience. Just measure, mix and pour. This particular recipe requires that you like a bit of tartness (or a lot of tartness, depending on your tart-tolerance). My two year-old eats around the cranberries and makes the most adorable sour-face when she misses. Hours of family fun.

I always add about 1/4 cup more milk to make the batter a bit looser. Not sure it’s necessary but it helps when pouring into the loaf pan and makes me feel like everything’s ok in the world.

Now for the Charlie Brown Christmas tunes and David’s Peppermint tea…

Nearly Four

I’ve been having thoughts about re-kindling the Champagne Wednesdays blog.

Perhaps it was last nights glass of Blue Mountain at Hawksworth? Something about the near-but-not empty lounge at 4pm on a weekday, the handsome husband sitting across from me, the lack of complimentary nuts (someone needs to report these deficiencies!), the snow-umbrella weather?

We have a new bubble-baby working her way to the surface. She is expected to make her grand arrival in the next couple of weeks.

We also have a big move on the horizon. I like to keep things busy when I’m expecting.

I shall see what comes of my attempted revival…until then, drink up!

After all, ’tis the season.