The Galley, Jericho Beach


Do people in Vancouver even know about The Galley? Arguably the best patio in town, if you’ve ever dreamed about belonging to a sailing club, I happily introduce you to this little piece of casual heaven. People in gortex adorn plastic patio furniture with million dollar views reflected in countless pairs of MEC sunglasses. Parents babysit pints of Granville Island Lager while feeding their 2-year olds calamari and salmon. This is unapologetically Vancouver.


If I had a friend visiting from out of town, this is the first place I would take them. Fly by the hedonistic Kits Beach and park at Jericho Beach instead (just past Alma on Cornwall). Wave to the too-rich-to-be-you crowd at the Royal Yacht and Tennis Clubs, and walk about 4.5 minutes down the seawall. The Galley is just passed the large concrete pier that Ash says is going to be knocked down soon to make room for a new food venue. Order two Coronas. Feel proud to be from Vancouver. Restaurant hours are weather permitting. Water sports, it seems, are not.


Dogs wait where you can see them (and get lots of fries over the edge).

The Galley Patio and Grill
Jericho Sailing Centre
1300 Discovery St.
Vancouver B.C.
V6R 4L9

Spring/Fall: 11a.m. – Dusk (Weekends)
Summer: 11a.m. – Dusk (7 days a week)
Winter: 11a.m. – Dusk (Weekends)

One thought on “The Galley, Jericho Beach

  1. Kari

    Hey Jen-

    You might be surprised to know, or maybe not so surprised, that Rob and I have frequented this place for over 17 years- actually, Rob has hosted several staff parties here (well, UBC Conference Center has) but it looks like it has received a serious make-over.


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