A double reason to celebrate

Mom and Dad

Meet my parents. I love them. Today is their birthday. Yes, both of them.  9 year’s apart, but born on the same day. That is a sign, if I’ve ever heard one. I like to imagine when they found out (was it the second date? the third?), there was no other choice in the world but to get married and have children.  

Three things I love about my mom:

  • She’s excitable. It’s not unusual to see her peeking out the livingroom window when we’re all coming over for dinner. I’m not sure she knows it, but she’s the life of the party.  
  • She is, at any moment in time, ready to adopt children. Also, she makes a really exaggerated sound when you touch the back of her neck, as if she’s channeling all the pleasure in the world.   Not to mention, she signs all her emails like this: LOVE, MOM XOXOOXOXOOXOXO) 
  • She’s really pretty, which makes it likely I will also hold my good looks (bonus!)

Three things I love about my dad:

  • He’s not only funny, but he also thinks he’s really funny, which makes him funnier. 
  • Digging through all his old records when I was young. Knowing there is music and lyrics in his veins (Case in point, him rattling off a whole BoxCar Willy song the other night after Thanksgiving dinner).
  • He calls my mom boo-boo and he’s going to walk me down an aisle. Plus, he’s nice and comfy to lean against on the couch. 

Happy birthday, Mom and Dad! I love you.


PS: In Paris, Ash and I thought this statue looked like the two of you…


2 thoughts on “A double reason to celebrate

  1. Debbie

    What a wonderful birthday card! We feel so special and so loved!! No one could ask for a better birthday card!! Thank you so much!! We love you too!! That’s it we must go to Paris to see our statues!!
    We love you!!
    Mom and Dad oxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo

  2. Sarah

    The resemblance is uncanny….
    And if I recall correctly that picture was taken at one of our most memorable meals, lunch at Domaine de Chaberton. Yum! Can’t wait to see what their Christmas menu will be!


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