A nice way to spend a Wednesday

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A few of my favourite Vancouver hot spots for champagne sipping on a Wednesday night:

1) Bacchus Piano Lounge in the Wedgewood hotel – I love the masculine feel of this place. Oversized chairs, wood that’s dark and sturdy, the mature waitresses in their tight, black cigar dresses (I’m not sure if that’s an actual kind of dress but if you go, you’ll get what I mean). Champagne cocktails with French names abound.

2) 900 West lounge…yes, another hotel. But who could live without a night or two sipping martinis in the grand Hotel Vancouver lobby bar? Not to mention the free hors dourves between 4:30 and 6:00pm, or the live jazz after 8:00opm. I particularly love the crowd this place attracts. Eccentrics abound.

3) La Notte is one of those restaurants you can drive by a million times and never quite register. But you should. It’s good. Really good. Plus, you can get a piccolo of Henkel for $6.00. One for you and one for him. The insalata mista is a favourite as is the cute living room atmosphere with its white table clothes and Italian waiters. Plus, I love everything in Dunbar.

4) Jericho Beach, as seen from the comfort of your back seat with a down comforter and a laptop playing a guilty pleasure movie rental (we like the Bourne Trilogy). Best to sip champagne out of covert plastic cups, and not too much! Pretzels and the best chocolate you can buy make nice friends.




2 thoughts on “A nice way to spend a Wednesday

  1. Alexander

    Hey Jen,
    I`ve enjoyed the emminently cheerful tone of your champagne exploits, and the general joie de vivre you imbibe and exude at the same time.

  2. Lindsay Johnson

    This post reminds me of the Vitamin V emails you got me hooked on. Except, now their emails seem to be full of advertisements and I no longer trust them. I will watch your site more closely for good Vancouver tips!


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