I loved champagne before Paris, but I understood it only after.

If you happen to be in Paris right this minute – read no further. The city demands celebration. Champagne should be taken daily and in excess.

But if you are at home or at work, only dreaming of your next two weeks in… then consider what champagne can bring to your daily life. For us, it’s ritual. Champagne on Wednesday. Instead of wine. Instead of separate. Instead of dishes. Instead of dwelling on the inevitable ritual of back-to-work in the morning.

We highly recommend it.

Sublime results include: inner effervescence, kissing instead of TV, an instituted sense of adventure.


The Family:

phpor6I9VAshleah and Whiskey

Our Loves:

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  1. Jaimie

    Champagne on Wednesdays…a sound philosophy of celebration, romance, indulgence, and beauty. Al and I will raise a glass to you this Wednesday. We are uncorking sweaty bottles of Gypsy Spit these days. I look forward to pouring you a glass in May!

  2. champagnewednesday

    What on earth is gypsy spit – is that your homemade stuff? Thanks for leaving a comment too – I am obsessed with reading the comments people leave. It’s so much like that day we got all the mail. Very excited to see you, Al and the kids in May. Let’s book tickets asap.

  3. Rebecca

    Hey Jen,

    I’m so excited to have stumbled upon your blog, I thought you disappeared! I promise I will start updating mine soon. In the meantime, drinks after work sometime??


  4. Leanne

    Finally made the time to figure out what the heck Champagne Wednesdays was…..now taking the time to get to know an old friend…congratulations Jen and Ash! You write about your life so beautifully, it’s like I’m in Vancouver, rather than in the great white north. Keep writing Jen!

  5. Fern

    I was told about your blog by my son on Mother’s Day (yesterday); we had a great day walking the sea wall and then he took his dad and I to a new specialty wine store in North Vancouver – it had the best Champagne. Ever since I went on a business trip to Paris and toured the champagne district I have been hooked. But I can’t bring myself to try anything new other than what I had previously tasted and only on special occasions. And then Richard told me about Champagne on Wednesdays and how you critique new types of Champagne; well I may have to try it a little more often.
    Ashley you will have to come to our cabin again and this time instead of all that beer you can bring the champagne.

  6. Wild Thyme

    I recently went back to Paris and have spent some time in France. I only drank cafe au lait and wine. Next trip to France I am doing a Champagne tour, what can you recommend?

  7. champagnewednesday
    Wild Thyme, Yes! I have so many things to recommend about Paris. As for Champagne specifcally, we took a train to Reims and easily found our way into the charming town and hopped a city bus out to the champagne houses. Veuve Cliqout is a must because it’s Veuve Cliqout and at the end you can drink the Grande Dame (which tastes like any other champagne, but now that you know the story of Lady Veuve, how she ran the business, etc  it tastes like a lady in charge. Pommery was amazing too because down in the champagne caves they have all these art exhibits installed, which made it really special (and somewhat calmed my nerves as I am really clausterphobic and hate being underground). In Paris itself, youmust sip champagne at the restaurant on top of George Pompidou…for the view, for the single red roses at every table swayng in the Parisian air, for the music that wafts up from the square. Oh, and champagne in the daytime is a must on the banks of the river Seine. I will keep thinking of more.
  8. Jessica

    I just came across your blog and I am in love with the name. What a great ritual to have, I think I might have to still it. Reading bits of this put me in such a relaxed mood as if I were in Paris sipping an espresso. I will certainly come back.

  9. Jer

    Just had a look at your site.  Beautiful pics and I love the name.  I’m going out to by a bottle of bubbly to honor you and your family.  And that is the honest truth.  We usually have a bottle in the cellar (read: under the bed) but we are out and you’ve set off a craving that literally needs to be quenched.

    Thanks for taking the time to send us note at Food, Wine & Dogs.


  10. Sandra Argent

    Hey, I have just stumbled over your website whilst searching for champagne advice and its blown me away, its wonderful and I have sat in my dull London office practically all afternoon as a result reading and dreaming; suddendly I’m not even sure it matters what champagne I buy, just as long as I buy it …


  11. Shirley

    Love it. Another CDN with a decadent Weds plan! Mine includes home spa (candles, chocolate, music and bubbles).

    Cheers, keep up the good work :0)

  12. Wendy Williams Watt

    Thank you so much for stopping by my studio…What a nice photo. GRACE is my oversized handbag, full of shapes, colours, and thoughts that tell a story…my story. I love that you are listening. I haven’t been in for a while. but plan to be there soon. There are people like you who appreciate what I call”small beautifuls”. If you see movement inside, come in!

    Thanks again,
    Wendy Williams Watt

  13. bandelle

    How adorable are you?! I couldn’t imagine a better Wednesday activity. I’ll be back tomorrow to see what you recommend this week 🙂 My sister is going to love your blog because champagne is one of her weaknesses.


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