Adventure Saturday: Fort Langley, BC

One year and 200 posts later, I celebrate my blog’s anniversary with a return to antiquing. You might recall last March when I came home with this champagne bucket from Mission. That seven dollar bucket still brings me great joy. It’s funny how far small wins can take us. I am glad I stuck with blogging – otherwise I wouldn’t have this circle to complete  and a few wonderful readers to complete it with. I really appreciate everyone who’s stopped by Champagne Wednesdays and I’ve especially loved when you’ve left your comments. I’m pretty certain a few bottles of bubbly have been cracked as a result- and that is the ultimate reward.

This March, we headed to Fort Langely, in part to peruse the Antique Mall, in part to go to the Fort Langely pub, and in part to try and ride the Albion Ferry before it closes forever this July. Here is what most Vancouverites know about the Albion Ferry: 7 to 10 sailing waits. You hear it everyday on the radio and it makes you really, really happy you don’t live outside of the Vancouver-core – at least that has been my experience.



Unfortunately, Fort Langely was very rainy and very cold. So we cut short all the hustle and bustle of Fort-life, skipped the obligatory gelato, reminsced quickly about the days of yore and headed fairly directly to the pub. But even in our rush to be seated fireside with beer, we saw a few gems that are worth returning to on sunnier days:


1) Coast Perrenials – a pretty little garden shop with every variety of well-marked herb you can think of at growers’ prices. Next to the hardware store.


2) Summer house: a charming, weathered atilier with modern fashion and bohemian antiques. Perfect for finding the quintessential white summer dress.


3) Admittedly hard-to-spot through a jungle of trinket-hell, a few fine antiques at good prices. This Medalta stone pot was a steal for $92.


5) A little puppy love along the Fort to Fort trail linking Fort Langely to Derby Beach Regional Park. It’s not the prettiest trail but you can walk forever along a riverside path with no cars. What more can a dog-owner ask?      

6) And finally, the pub itself.  A pint of Rickard’s Red and a colourful meat draw between 1pm and 2pm. It’ll have you singing, I’ve been working on the railroad before you know it. I would stick to your standard beef dip, burger, french fries fare. I saw a shrimp melt. It wasn’t pretty.

Oh yeah…and there were hats!

IMG_1661.JPG IMG_1662.JPG IMG_1663.JPG 

PS: We did not ride the Albion Ferry afterall. There was a long line-up.

4 thoughts on “Adventure Saturday: Fort Langley, BC

  1. Rich

    I wish you guys had called me! My parents live right on the other side of the Albion Ferry and I was there this weekend, helping Dad reno the basement… next time I guess 😉

  2. another Jen

    Hi there – I came across your blog some time ago through a restaurant review you had left & I’ve since enjoyed checking in to see your posts. You’ve got great taste & so I’ve found a few gems through your blog – thank you! If you ever return to use the Albion Ferry, you’ll have to try out Bruce’s Market. Its a beautiful 3rd generation -family owned seafood market in Albion on the other side of the ferry – fantastic & very fresh seafood to take home. Congratulations on the blog anniversary!

  3. Christina

    oh the irony! a family friend (on the crook side) is the albion ferry conductor (?) guy. he drives the boat. i’ll see if we can get a hook-up. 😉

    and congrats on the milestone. i can’t wait to see you when we are back… (april 18, by the way).

    love from sunny t-dot, christina


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