Antiquing in Agassiz, BC

Champagne Bucket

I have been just dying to get back to a colourful little grouping of antique stores I saw once on a drive back from Harrison Hot Springs. Many a weekend, I dreamed of those 4 or 5 stores with their tables and lamp bases and retro chairs spilling out from their lead glass doors. Treasures like Sarah Richardson would buy and then refinish into some amazing designer piece for a fraction of the price. I longed for this town (which I was certain would be found in the actual town of Agassiz) – exactly where I saw it that day when Ash was in such a rush to get back home.

2.5 hours later – through rain, hail and long weekend traffic – it turned out there are no antique stores in Agassiz. In fact, Agassiz was closed. Even that one redeeming cheese shop that every one seems to know. We looped up one street and down the only other street and finally just had to laugh at how I can get so stubborn about what I do or don’t remember. That’s right, it was Mission, I said…

Books in Bucket


Luckily, we did end up finding a few antique-type stores in Mission. One pretty interesting one, one that had a fairly permanent looking “closing out” sign, and one that was just dreadful except…(insert fate)…just as I was about to leave I found the perfect champagne bucket! This is the exact same Mumms bucket I have been drooling over at the lovely Country Furniture where it costs over $50 dollars. And now, there it was, just waiting for me in Mission, where no one else seemed to want it. I happily turned over $6.99, and then we went to Newport Village for a beer.

All in all, I feel pretty satisfied I never have to return to Mission again. Ash is happy.

Speaking of happy…Happy Easter! Here is the card I made for my nephew, David:

Easter card

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