Bedside Improvement Project

I’ve decided to improve my bedside landscape. I love sleep. I am good sleeper. I sleep straight through the night. I remember my dreams in vivid technicolour. I am rarely interrupted. Plus it’s important to have your things on hand, no matter where you are.

As you will see, there is no before picture. There was just a chair. Piled with yesterday’s clothes and superfluous pillows. But now it’s a space for peaceful adventures. A cupboard for my necessary book stash, a glass paperweight from a Parisian flea market and two prints. The top one is from fieryeyed and the bottom one is from Bombus. I like it. It’s better than the chair. No one should sleep next to a laundry pile. And the Ikea table will have to do (we’re on a wedding budget after all).

IMG_0238 IMG_0245

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