Can you believe it’s Wednesday again?

Jen Gotch photo from

And I say that to the 4 or 5 people who probably check in here with some regularity. (Thanks mom for your first comment!). Also, this photo is from Jen Gotch of Becoming a Foodie, but it’s not on her site, it’s here, an equally incredible site to get lost in. I liked this photo better than the last one I had up. Maybe it’s because there’s a bottle of champagne in view. Maybe because I am getting closer and closer to 5pm, which is the official start gun of any Champagne Wednesday. Did I mention that? There is no reason to wait until dinner!

So, now that Champagne Wednesdays have become a public affair, something funny has been happening to time. I can’t keep up. Good thing I bought a couple extra cans of Francis Coppola’s Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs (they come in a handy 4-pack, $27.99) when Sarah and I celebrated her last day of stay-at-home-momhood on Monday.

Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs

The poetic pink cans come with their own convenient but haute straws. Perfect for sipping on the go. Actually, their website is pretty cool too, with pictures, movies and music all chosen to capture the essence of what is otherwise an aluminiun can.

In fact, they’ve kind of done for the can what Ash and I have been trying to do for Wednesdays. Dress ’em up. Make ’em special. Too bad this technique never quite worked out for boxed wine.


4 thoughts on “Can you believe it’s Wednesday again?

  1. Kim

    I’m considering myself as one of those 4 or 5 people who check in regularly as I absolutely love your blog…we’re so proud of you and think you are an extremely talented writer!
    Lots of love,
    Kim, Matt, Connor & Ethan

  2. champagnewednesday

    Thanks so much Kim! It’s kind of awkward still to figure out what to write. Let’s have dinner soon and then I can write about it 🙂 I was peaking at your facebook page yesterday – the new pics of Ethan are so cute. He’s getting big…well, he was big to start with, but I mean in the adorable big-boy way. Jen xo

  3. The girl who sits across from you

    I love your blog! Its very cute, creative and your personality shines thru each posting. You’ve now got me exicited to start my blog (and I’ve already got a name for it!). You’ll have to be my guest blogger once its up and running!


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