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Mine Heart


This morning, the leaf mobile found a friend. I’ll show it to you in a second. First, you should know, I’m listening to this song and drinking Nespresso on the floor in front of the fireplace. Whiskey and I are wondering if the rain will lighten up long enough to go for a walk before work. Ash is gone to Orlando. Well, not quite. He’s at the airport. Probably holding an Americano and an Economist. Ash loves the airport. It’s his place. Travel overwhelms him with a sense of stillness that daily life does not. He sleeps with a fierceness on holidays that I love. Except, this is a work trip and he doesn’t seem that happy about going. Last night, I came home and found him reading the newspaper, waiting to surprise me with this:

Care Package

A care package. Are you crying because you’re happy? he asked. Yes, because sometimes a busy heart can find its calm in the care of someone who loves it. Someone who would stroll through the aisles of Meinhardt and pick all the things you love off the shelves and make the sales lady wait to wrap it until they got back with this: can you see it? It’s right there in the heart of it all…

Care Package

Veuve Cliquout. And what you don’t see (because milk doesn’t take a very pretty picture) – the litre of Island Farms in the fridge for my coffee this morning and the note on the counter that tells me the next time he gets on a plane it will be to Mexico as my husband. Sigh. I feel it all. Now back to the leaf mobile:

Wedding Rehearsal Invite

I borrowed the now-crusty leaf mobile to show you our Rehearsal Dinner invites. Every Jot and Title did the handy-work of creating two silhouette tags (she even included the string), customized with our rehearsal and dinner information on the back. Wouldn’t this make a great wedding invite too? And they were seriously inexpensive. I loved them so much, we did a photo-shoot, as I often and oddly do with my mail these days:

Rehearsal Invite Wedding Wedding Rehearsal Invite

What is love but a messy string between two people and the resolve to tie a million knots to keep it strong?

An endless row of knots for you, Ash.

Mine heart is full.

Occassional Showers


Painting by Michele Mauls

Besides the normal Vancouver-variety showers, my personal forecast has seen a lot of love and good wishes raining down from family and friends lately. Good thing, too, because besides feeling exceptionally excited and positive, my body has been a ruckus of problems.  Luckily, I have found three things make me feel almost instantly better: platters of gourmet food set out at bridal events, wine and all the spirited company getting married draws.    

This weekend, my Aunt Karen and cousin Laura (who is a 15-year old beauty) hosted a family shower for me at their house.  I was so excited to see everyone that I didn’t get a chance to take photos (I am hoping they will be emailed soon! hint, hint!). I had such a great time. It’s an honour that anyone would want to throw a party for you and an even bigger honour that people would want to come. I am thinking of starting to throw parties in honour of other people. I have so many cooking tools these days, it feels only right to spread the wealth. Maybe after the wedding though…most things these last days are being delegated to the after-wedding calendar.

The painting above is from etsy-seller Michele Maule and can be found here. It reminds me that I have only 18 days left to find the perfect red shoes for my wedding dress.

Thanks again for the party, Karen and Laura! See you on the 22nd!

Brown flowers on mint green with bird button


Not to mention, flowering tree on red:


Out of New York come the prettiest things.

Wouldn’t these make great Christmas gifts? See more like this here by Oktak.

PS: Greek Fest photos still to come. My sister and I couldn’t make it upstairs for the download.

PPS: I just had to mention Pears on Gray:

Pears on Gray

And then love came in red

Michelle Brusegaard

Yes, I bought it. Yes, I love it. Yes, I will run home every day for the next two weeks to check my mailbox. Yes, I sometimes wonder if Michelle Brusegaard thinks she’s as fabulous as I think she is.

Yes, there are others:

Scarf from EtsyScarf from Etsyetsy scarf

Believe me, your girlfriend, sister, best friend, mother, etc would like one. Michelle makes the most beautiful stationary and linens as well. And yes, she’s from Etsy and yes, she has a blog.

Then another kind of red: Kat came over for dinner last night and she, Ash and I launched life plans over Thai red curry and red wine (don’t ask about the bean burgers – they died an early death). Plans that I really hope will come to fruition. It was the perfect way to spend an evening. And it’s not even Wednesday yet.

Have a great champagne day. Drink it up.


Someone’s turning 30

Greek Fest 08

I won’t say who, but look what I’ve created. Think less fraternal Greek and more flaming ouzo, garlic breath and hopefully, a lot of fun.  Etsy (my favourite party resource) was rather weak on the Greek front. If you are an Etsy artist, you should really consider this vastly untapped market. Since I’ve been to Greece (thanks to my 30-year old!), I know there’s far more to that lovely land than the iconic blue and white pictured above. My favourite memories of Greece include: the crouching groups of Japanese painting tours with their little square canvasses, the time I was dragged out of my seat to solo-dance in the middle of a taverna while Ash was in the washroom, the massive bricks of feta that adorned every Greek Salad, our long walk to Paradise beach, which we found deserted and after a near-death experience by wild horse.

PS: I made the invite on Polyvore. Its free and fun, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Here’s a little Greece for the road:


Greek Salad

the unveiling


Our wedding invites are almost ready to be posted in the mail! What a Goldilocks-esque struggle it can be if you’re set on finding the just-right invitation of your matrimonial dreams. I have loved, hated, felt numb, dumb and now once again love what we’ve come up with. Heavily inspired by the work of Etsy-success unlesssomeonelikeyou, we decided to embrace the romance of our gallery setting and had our invites printed on 11 x 17 matte stock. The digital file (and chandelier of my dreams) was purchased for $30 from Mary of paperandink who really did a fabulous job. Then we got the final proof printed (for a smash-up deal at $1 per piece) by a supplier of Ash’s. Now, all that’s left to do is find the holy grail of poster tubes, some vintage labels and blackand white ribbon. Oh, and get married, of course.  


Geninne's Art Blog

We’re getting a new couch. At first we were all in love with our leather Liberty beauty. It was basically free at $999 marked down from $2499, but more importantly it was a floor model. Who can wait 4 to 6 weeks for a couch delivery? Not us. So, we dragged it home and threw out old Asian lady’s blue couch that Ash kept when he bought her apartment (and whose scent lingered every time one mistakenly plopped down too hard after a long day).

Now, apparently, we also do not have 10 years to wait for a leather couch to relax. It’s hard, sticky and unforgiving. It’s not a couch for slouchers. Also, it’s way too heavy for our light, smallish place more suited to the airy lines of Eames Chairs and Noguchi Tables. And how do I know all this, you ask?

Style at Home. House and Home. Vitamin V.

Yes. This is yet another instance when Vitamin V seems to have read the daily, insignificant dilemnas my inner-voices swat back and forth. This is what trend researchers do right? This morning I received, as if from a higher power, the long-awaited answer to our lingering stiffness after a little too much time spent sitting on our couch: Lushpad.

You might have thought the answer would be, “go take a walk” or “stop watching, So You Think You Can Dance” (which I admittedly cannot). So, even though I am as utterly excited about this new, online marketplace for Modern Collectors as a knee is when it’s bonked on the lower tendon…I am kind of tired of being bonked.

What am I saying? Mostly that I am reading a good book, which always makes me a bit of a snob…but a happy one.

Photo, pretty birds and a deep desire for teak furniture soaked in natural light via the beautiful Geninne’s Art Blog,


Champagne: Pride and Prejudice

Photos found via Bodie and Fou

Everyone needs a sacred place. Ash and I talked this morning about how I am meant for a studio life. You know, the little studio in the backyard where creative endeavours flourish and champagne is taken midday, mid-word, mid-serenity. I love how he indulges me. The photos above are artist Shanna Murray’s personal indulgence: a small studio in light seaside hues whose walls are papered with the pages of Pride and Prejudice. I love that. What book would you choose to surround yourself with? I can almost smell the soft, dusty perfume that all those old pages would add to the room. Beautiful.

So, what does this all have to do with Champagne? Nothing really, except Ms. Austen’s title got me thinking about the various feelings of pride and prejudice I hold about Champagne. For instance, the lovely bottle of Italian champagne that continues to claim real estate in our wine fridge. We just can’t seem to bring ourselves to pop it. As if something would be lost instead of gained. I hear this a lot. Whenever I explain Champagne Wednesdays to someone new, they always says “yeah, we have a couple bottles in our house. Don’t know what we’ve been saving it for.”

What’s the pride in having champagne on hand? Ever-ready for celebration, with no celebration ever good enough. What are you saving it for?


PS; Shanna Murray has an Etsy store