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False Creek Ferry 

Going to Granville Island this Friday night to partake in the new, though poorly advertised Winterupption festival.  I just heard about it yesterday when the Dean of our School of Music popped his head into my office to tell me about a show he’s performing in. His band Poetic Justice is backing up a spoken word performance. To the average person (i.e. a husband-type) this might sound like torture. You say “spoken word” and suddenly husbands get all twitchy like you’ve just suggested you’d like to clip his toenails or have your fifth child. Luckily, Ash is pretty adventurous. Plus he made me sit through The International last night in Coquitlam of all places…so I’m pretty sure I have a little marital give-and-take coming my way. 

Anyway – all So I Married An Axe Murderer jokes aside – this Winterupption Festival sounds like fun. There’s everything from live music, to street theatre to market culinary demonstrations. And I believe even a glass or two of wine.

Can you?

NYC Shirt

This gave me a good laugh today (via You are my Fave) in the way that true things are often the funniest.

True: Ash and I have made 2009 our year of NYCing.

Also true: Far trickier than making champagne-powered declarations is carrying out such resolutions without credit.

Yes, we’re on one of those miserable post-wedding cash diets. The kind of belt-tightening where you pretend Pellegriono is wine. Though, I guess the fact that we’re still buying Pellegrino is a sign of its own.

All I know for sure is that when one (or two, in this case) is poor, there must be music.

And movies starring Zooey Deschanel.

Or maybe both.

At once.

Cue: She & Him