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Champagne in the belly…


Tiny bubbles bursting in slow motion against my muscles. A light percussion under my skin. There you are. And here I am. At 15 weeks, I finally have the urge to post again. An urge nearly as strong as the fatigue that pushed against my every step like a strong wind for weeks. I wake this morning to a  clearer understanding of the lifespan of fruit, clinging with all its might to the fingertip of a tree, growing heavier every second with the fullness of its own perfection.   

Then,  a card in the mail from a perfect friend. She is right. The glowing comes slowly, but all that orange fire on the horizon has me sitting as still as a child in a boat. Morning moves into place, and suddenly I am somewhere near the afternoon of this pregnancy.  I welcome myself back with words while I have them. So much of this perfection is unwritten amazement.

I hope and plan to get back to posting. I have missed this little place.  

Card from Curly Girl Design (