Champagne times four

Campagne Friends The Champagne People

Sometimes, I joke that Champagne Wednesdays can lead to mild headache Thursdays. There is really only one way to avoid this. Actually, come to think of it, there are three ways:

1) Share the bottle with friends. Champagne splits four ways just as easily as two. For example, last night we went to Matt and Kim’s house in North Vancouver for dinner. After baby Ethan went to sleep, we cracked open a bottle of champagne and poured it into four perfect quadrants of celebration. It may actually taste better this way. There are more glasses to clink.

2) Don’t forget to eat. Ash and I practice a somewhat laissez-faire attitude toward food and wine pairings. But it’s definitely true that certain foods bring a champagne to life. Kim’s strawberry salad with herb goat cheese and toasted almonds demonstrated this quite nicely. And, all matching principles aside, there is just something special about the act of preparing food for friends that folds the very essence of Champagne Wednesdays into a meal.

3) Meet my friend, Veuve Clicqout. I just like the name. Say it five times and you’ll feel like you’re talking in a secret dialect of pleasure. And it’s true: Veuve Cliqout equals pleasure. It’s an equation you should just remember. Write it down. Say it again. Whatever you need to do.

Veuve Cliqout

Toblerone and Strawberry Gelato also equal pleasure. This was our take on chocolate covered strawberries.


I am so glad I asked for the to-go cups. They were a nice touch and cut down dramatically on dishes. I think they make gelato taste better in the way that Starbucks can only really be enjoyed out of a to-go cup.

Thanks so much for a fun night, Matt and Kim! See you Saturday we hope!


If you’re interested: I just read in Vitamin V that Martha Sturdy is having her Spring Factory Sale on Monday, May 5th from 8am to 5pm (12 w. 5th Ave). Do you really need a better reason to be late for work?

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