Changing Vancouver: Southeast False Creek

New Seawall

Today I love:

Vancouver’s new section of seawall (from Science World to the Cambie Street bridge) for it’s breezy modern appeal, urban furniture and soon-to-be community of restored heritage buildings like this old Salt Plant.

Southeast Falsecreek

Can you imagine having a beer in here?

Besides small shops and restaurants, the area will also house a London Drugs (Ashleah’s preferred centre of convenience) and an Urban Fare (yes, home of the $150+ loaf of bread, but also known for great samples of tres cher cheese for free).

I highly suggest you take a walk and see what’s happening. It got me excited about Vancouver again after so many months of drip, drip, drip…

Or at least, that was until I saw this picture below (it’s the UK pavilion planned for the World Fair in Shanghai and well-worth a bit of investigation here).

Shanghai's UK Pavillion

(First and third photo from transportation guru, Gordon Price, from Pricetags. Photo in the middle from here)

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