Collage Journal #1

Photo Collage

A bound book of Champagne Wednesdays. Each week, a collage telling the story of where the night took us – what I wore, what he said, what we drank, how we ate and why we’ll keep raising a glass to Wednesday again and again.

Here’s how we marked Champagne Wednesday on March 19th…

  • Helianthus Goblets, Anthropologie – here.
  • Lorina French Pink Lemonade – here. (Available at Whole Foods)
  • Francais Beauregard, Montreal – Now in Toronto and blogged here.
  • Champagne, or close enough: Henkell Trocken
  • Perfume: Purple Fantasy, Guerlian (only in Paris).
  • Tiffany necklace here.
  • Everything else: Joe Fresh

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