Collage Journal #3

collage journal 3anais ninn page

A collage journal from the archives today.

A page from my book. And one from Anais Ninn’s.

Last night, over barbequed Italian Sausages in  pillowy portugeuse buns, we met Champagne Wednesday with our Mini Blanc de Blancs and an episode of America’s Next Top Model. Is it any wonder my creativity was sapped?

And yet, we were content. So, instead of creating a new collage, I decided to revisit one from the past. Reading through my old journals is one of my favourite things to do. For instance, from reading my journal, I know what a good thing it is that my Anais Ninn books are no longer beside my bed or in my purse. Finally, they’ve come to rest, and let me rest too. Somewhere on a bookshelf, and I am happy to say, I don’t even know exactly which one.

I want to live only for ecstacy. Small doses, moderate loves, all half-shades leave me cold. I like extravangance. Letters which give the postman a stiff back to carry, books which overflow from their covers… 

That’s it for now. I am thinking of adding a new category to cover some rants that have been burning in me for some time. Work is such a huge part of my day, and the source of so much tortured comedy in my life. So, keep a look out. I already know what my first rant will be.


One thought on “Collage Journal #3

  1. Sarah

    Waxing poetic…great post.
    Methinks you should write a book ala Julie and Juila, only much better and much more original (while I enjoyed Julie’s book it/her was somewhat of a let down). You could even include the collages! And then maybe you too could get on the Martha Stewart show (for being a champagne enthusiast and for your craftiness) and take me with you!!! What a great idea.


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