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I can’t read a word of this woman’s blog, but it’s a nice way to start a morning. Especially, a morning before the start of a weekend, when you can imagine having the kind of liberties of time that lend to snacks and pots of tea and admiring your collections, like dessert plates.

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Or maybe, an impromptu vacation.

In this case, I think she was going to Budapesti√§. I’ll assume this was her suitcase on the way back. I love the yellow velvet clutch and I might just look for one like it on ebay today.

Our weekend is set to include: a photography show on East Broadway, some time with family somewhere I LOVE but cannot say right now because it’s a surprise, an Indian potluck at Kari and Rob’s and most likely, an open house or two, because we’re just those kind of people.

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A little bit crazy.

What are you up to?

All photos from a nice place to be for a while:

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