My Dad (loves me and Brunello)


I’ve always been a dad’s girl. (Hi Dad! Love you!). Here he is posing with my pretty mom at Hastings Race Course. We had four big winners on Saturday and then celebrated our men with a big dinner and a nice Brunello. If you are ever invited to a fancy dinner and want to impress, pick a bottle of that. For about $50+ (with an emphasis on up), you will be forever revered as dinner guest of choice, and often invited back.

Father's Day Dinner

Off for a hike. Time is mine this week. I plan to indulge in exercise, life organization and possibly a mini trip to Seattle.

PS: My most reliable purveyor of French champagne and not-so-expensive brunello is this shop on Davie Street.



4 thoughts on “My Dad (loves me and Brunello)

  1. Petal by Petal

    Once again you hit the mark! Introduced to Brunello years ago from a VERY good Italian friend (after a taste of this, even better friend) I’ve been hooked since. Recently I was given the honor of choosing the wine in a fine Californian restaurant, It was the Brunello.. The effect was exactly what you described! I have been invited back many a time after that!  You get an A++ in the good taste department!

  2. champagnewednesday

    I know! Isn’t it divine? I would love to explore more of the food of California. We just got back from San Francisco and had some amazing meals while we were there. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Lindsay

    How funny – Chris and I were at Hastings Racecourse on Saturday as well and I won big on a horse 🙂  $2 bet with a $32 win!! 

  4. Rich

    I have a problem with Brunello… I’ve never had enough!  It’s my all-time favourite.I hope you’re bringing Champagne on the long weekend!


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