Reasons to Celebrate

Kari and JenMaxRobbieCelebration

Here are some not-so candid pictures from my best friend Kari’s dinner party this weekend, including two of our many reasons to celebrate (Robbie and Max). I only wish I’d captured a picture or two of her handsome husband, Rob, or my lovely Ash, and at least one of Kari in all her midday free-from-work glory, which any mother knows is non-existent. Here we toast to the gin & tonic, to the creator of the pinot grigio, to valets across North America and to the fine memory of the client entertainment budget. Not to mention, happiness and freedom. As Kari would say, that’s good squishy.

2 thoughts on “Reasons to Celebrate

  1. Kari

    Its the good times Jen, definitely the good times.
    (wow- we look good for being a few drinks down the road!).


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