Ground Control to Vitamin V

This morning Vitamin V (or is it D now?) sent me my regular morning hit of spend-more-money, get-more-beautiful, we-are-fabulous. Given that I usually open their e-shout-out about 7:00am, on my way out of the shower, with a ratty towel twisted impossibly on top of my head and various creams covering various areas of concern on my face, I am usualy fairly receptive to their suggestions.

This morning, though, I emerged from the steam of my windowless bathroom….well….steaming. I sure hope they were halfway through a bottle of Cristal when they put together this list. Otherwise, it’s just cruel.

Vitamin AIG’s Spring-must-haves (you can view the actual items here):

  • Dress, $628
  • Dress, $555
  • Pullover, $338
  • Leather Jacket, $2,065
  • Boots, $360

Here’s what irked me most. They asked five Vancouver boutique owners to name their must-haves for spring. Fair-enough these would be pricey high-fashion items, after all, these are fashionable ladies. But editorially-speaking,¬†would it not have made more sense to list the top 5 must-have items FROM Vancouver’s small business owners? Must-haves that willing disciples like me might actually be capable of running out and buying?

Now what am I supposed to wear?

3 thoughts on “Ground Control to Vitamin V

  1. Sarah

    The least they could do is give away one of these coveted items so that poor folks like us have a chance at fabulosity! I guess they haven’t heard of this little problem called ‘recession’?

  2. Kim

    And to top it all off, I honestly don’t think that I would buy any one of those items even if I did have the money (well maybe that first dress!!)


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