Gypsy envy

Having always wanted to be a gypsy myself, I gave one to my fiance for his 30th birthday.

Given that all Greek restaurants have the same exact menu, it’s hard to imagine that one place could be so above the others in terms of food quality. But if you’re a Vancouver-based reader, please believe me, Pasparos in North Vancouver really is the best. The whole scene is just so Santorini-esque. Not to mention the tray of ouzo that greeted us when we arrived (special ordered by moi). What, you’ve never heard of welcome shots?

There was some argument whether or not its appropriate to offer five dollar bills to a belly-dancer while she’s dancing. I always thought that’s what they wanted. How else are you supposed to tip them? In the end, we sent a side plate around to thank her for her masterful entrancement of Ashleah. He was charmed like a snake. And squirmed like one too.

Anyhow, as we said all night long…


And there you have Greek Fest 2008.

One thought on “Gypsy envy

  1. Jaimie

    Where are the togas? Ashley assured me that there is no updraft too chill to forgo the toga….even in Saskatchewan….we struggled to find enough white linen to honor his day. Al had to wear orange Egyptian cotton.


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