Have a seat. It’s Wednesday.

Champagne Chair

What to do with all those leftover corks? Here’s an idea from Design Within Reach. Previously, DWR and I were in a big fight. I had ordered Ash a very high-tech air purifier for Christmas to cure all his allergy related ailments – and they never bothered to send it. And when I called, they really could have cared less. I ended up getting him a nice laptop bag from Banana Republic instead (leather, sorry Glenn!), but it just wasn’t the same. His nose is still stuffed. Whiskey-particles still account for 80% of our breathing air (the dog, not the drink). Ordering things online is such a leap of faith to begin with – and this was a serious letdown.  Lucky for them, this is a new day. There is a hint of Spring in the air. Renewal feels mandatory. Boycotts are being lifted all over town (my town).

So, I give you a few more of these cute little champagne chairs. It’s Wednesday afterall…

Enjoy. And shop with caution,


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