Hello lover…

Patrick Dempsey

No, not you, Patrick.

While this seems like something I’d normally be opposed to in all sorts of ways, the shivers that ran down my spine are hard to ignore. I mean, if I ever actually published a novel and someone scanned every laboured-over page and put it online, wouldn’t I be a little venomous?

That said, I know there’s nothing that compares with holding a book. And I know there’s nothing that compares with flipping through a magazine, especially on an airplane. So, by all sorts of unreasonable deductions, I think this is o.k.

It doesn’t make me want to get on the phone immediately and cancel all my current subscriptions. If anything, it just widens my reading horizons (because, of course, I only plan on reading Harvard Business Review and The Walrus, not Glamour and Wish. Yeah right.)

Here, you decide: www.mygazines.com and let me know if my moral compass has gone all wonky.

(New love found via this lovely lady from Norway).

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