Hello, Wednesday

Chamapgne Marmite

A photo from the Becks & Posh blog, which you’ll be happy to know has nothing to do with that pointy woman or her husband. It’s a food blog from San Fransisco. Ever since I made that Daal the other day, I’ve really started to think of myself as a bit of a foodie. Once in a while, when I make a particularly nice dinner, Ash will even┬átake a picture of it. Isn’t he sweet? Sometimes we look back at the photos and ask each other, what was that again? Food can look pretty indistinct in a picture, especially with our crappy camera. Anyway, I make the best salad dressings ever and I’ve been thinking about starting a weekly edition of dressing recipes. That’s the thing about starting a blog, suddenly I feel like I need 4 blogs to cover all the things I have to talk about. Like when I was going to start a work rant section, but then everyone at work found out I had a blog.

Other food reads I love:

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Enjoy and have a nice day.


3 thoughts on “Hello, Wednesday

  1. Debbie

    Good Morning Sunshine, for being a child who was such a picky eater, I guess telling you that everything was chicken wasn’t so bad after all. Yes, you are a foodie!!
    Love the jar, but don’t ever be tempted to taste marmite, it tastes and smells nothing like chicken!!

  2. Mike Norton

    Im going to be passing through Van on the 19th, maybe you can cook for me? Or I could bring pizza?


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