Hi. I am returned.

From Little Brown Pen

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I come out of my blogernation (that’s the words blogging and hiberation conjoined like wiggly newborn twins) to bring you this article.

Is writing for the rich?

To me, it often seems  like more of a luxury than I can afford (whether that be with the riches of time, energy, currency, etc). My fellow blogger Christina, on the other hand, meets the sacrifice with devotion, and makes it all look very glamourous in the meantime (yes, even in a green barista apron). Her practice works – and career-wise, seems to be working very well for her. That is not to say, however, that writing isn’t still a huge struggle even for the successful – and living off of it a whole different story.  I write without expectation of pay. Mostly in private, but sometimes (here) very publicly. I can only imagine that if you were willing to fundraise for my employer for free, I would be ousted in no time at all.  

So I ask then is writing now purely for the hobbyists? Do I dillute the efforts of the truly brilliant with my on-air ramblings?

I wonder. I wonder. I wonder…out loud.

Thanks for reading.


PS: Photo borrowed from LittleBrownPen – an American writer living in Paris.

One thought on “Hi. I am returned.

  1. Christina

    Jen. Your post took me by surprise. Sent me into a bit of an afternoon tailspin.

    I write for a living. It’s true.

    It isn’t glamorous. Even without the green apron (which I tossed for good last September.) Writing is a lonely pursuit and requires a self-discipline that evades me all too often. But it is all worth the effort in the end. Because, after all, we writers must write because we must.

    All the same, writing for a living is an incredible gift. Your post, more than anything, reminded me of this. And I want to thank you.

    Many writers will turn a phrase for free. I won’t, but I will write copy. We, the trust-fund free, must write for love and for milk.

    I have much to be grateful for. Thank you for the reminder.

    Love Christina


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