Hot Rocks

Hot Rocks. Heart shaped rocks. Filing through rocks on a beach called Sombrio.

For today’s Champagne Wednesday, I’m raising my glass to a homemade red.

Yes, all those of you who’ve suffered through Uncle So-and-So’s special bathtub brew, go ahead and cringe now. But I swear it – one of my dearest life-friends, Jaimie, has been trying her hand at homemade wines too. And they’re pretty darn good.

Ash and I were lucky enough to sample her first, Gypsy Spit, on our trip to Victoria to see Cirque de Soliel. Now, the Smith-Windsor clan is relocated to Prince Albert and (not to spare a minute Jaimie and Al!), I’ve heard word there’s a second edition. A red wine named Sombrio.

How much fun to name your wines with all the memories and places that you slip too anyway on that second or third or fourth glass? Here, Jaimie, is your label:

Sombrio Beach

Breath-taking. Then and now.

Jen xo

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One thought on “Hot Rocks

  1. Jaimie

    Thanks for the post.  Sombrio is certainly a well earned name. Sometimes it hits like a horseshoe in the dark.  Clungk.  I am happy to have shared many memories with you, worth raising a glass to, worth naming our wines after.  Grapes are a little on the nil side in Waskesiu (not Prince Albert, but close), may have to look at a new hobby. 


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