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This is my kitchen. It’s where I sit now, writing this and thinking about myself and my weird habits thanks to Kat – who seems to like a lot of the same things I do (for example: eclairs, bright colours and lists).

You see, Kat tagged me. This is the first time I’ve been tagged and I immediately told Ash and Sarah who pretended to be REALLY excited for me even though I don’t think they really knew what it meant. So, for those who are unaware, it means this:

I list six unspectacular quirks about myself and then pass the love onto 6 bloggers I adore.

So, here is me. Six pieces of me glimpsed through a keyhole (as someone I like very much once said).

Uno – I really like grocery shopping. Especially at Whole Foods or a real farmer market. And I am really selfish about the whole experience. I always make Ash push the cart (sometimes with me on it) or hold Whiskey on her leash (which is a miserable job at a busy outdoor farmer market because she gets kind of freaky).

Dos – I am not sure why, but when I have to sneeze, instead of turning away or covering my nose, I instinctively bury my face in Ash’s shoulder. I like it there. Him, not so much. He says it’s really gross, but I think he secretly feels special when I do it. Once, we were in Athens in line at Starbucks and I turned to sneeze on him, except he had gone to the bathroom and I sneezed on the shoulder of some strange man. I think he secretly liked it too.

Tres – Whenever I think about the fact that one day Whiskey will die, I get all choked up. I can’t imagine life without her.

Cuatro – I am the worst phone person in the world. The more I want to call someone, the more I get all frozen up inside with guilt and nerves and proscrasintating behaviours. It’s something I hate most about myself and most distressing on my friendships.

Cinco – My best friend Jaimie taught me to count to 10 in Spanish when we were tree planting (something she did much better and longer than I did) and I still do it all the time in my head.

Seis – I am most happy when reading a good book, writing in my journal, playing with my nephew and getting my hair played with by Ash.

I have to think about who to spread the love to. I will return this afternoon with my final list.



3 thoughts on “I’m it

  1. Kat

    Hey, glad you responded – great list. I laughed out loud at your sneezing quirk. Ditto on the phone phobia and the pleasure of reading a good book!

  2. Michael Crook

    Hey Jenn,
    A little bird pointed me at you blog so I thought I’d say hello.  You and Christina should talk about grocery shopping next time we hang out.  She’s a complete nut for grocery stores, loves them!
    Anyways, just stopped by to say hello.

  3. christina

    jenn!! i am so thrilled to discover your blog. 🙂 bloggers unite!
    as michael said above — it’s true, i LOVE grocery shopping. i’d do it for a living if i could.
    we MUST see you two. soon. i can’t believe i haven’t seen the rock, and heard the story and gushed over wedding plans with you yet. sheesh. m and a are making plans. can’t wait to see you.
    – christina


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