It’s important to be pretty

 Yellow from Burrard Street Bridge from English Bay  

Or, at least feel that way. And doesn’t it seem like Vancouver is about to get pretty again? The other day I broke my new umbrella outside of IGA and it didn’t even phase me that much. You know why? Because I knew it’s almost time to go sans unbrella again. Yes, I can see myself on a heated patio very, very soon. And right under the heater, too. Because I  like to pretend I live in an equally pretty place with better heat potential.

And that’s why it’s critical that I take some time to get pretty. I know, I know, pretty is surely a pereception. And being pretty can probably be acheived by simply being in the pretty (for example, driving to work down 16th instead of 12th because the trees are better). But, there are a few essentials I cannot do without:

  • Eyebrow shaping… I suggest here
  • A summer jacket… I wish I knew where. Any suggestions?
  • Feet care…no playing peek-a-boo toes without getting yourself here
  • And a little of this never hurt either

Now, just to find some time for any those things. Not to mention creating the all-important summer soundtrack, which I will be releasing in an upcoming post. Stay tuned.


ps – what’s really on my mind today is my sister. It’s her first day back at work after having the most exceptionally beautiful little boy (the actual act of which was anything but pretty). But that’s kind of the point here isn’t it? The pretty is absolutely surpassed by the beautiful. Beauty with a capital B. So, in addition to the list above, make sure you seek whatever makes you feel beautiful too. For me it’s: Joni Mitchell when I’m driving, cooking with fresh herbs, veuve cliqout anytime, whiskey when she runs, a good book on a good patio, and writing.

4 thoughts on “It’s important to be pretty

  1. Sarah

    Thanks for the mention! Our little boy is being well taken care of and loving the attention of the other kids. I miss him more than even I know.


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