Le lounge lézard

Little Lulu by Liza Hirst

This pretty much captures how I plan to spend my day today.

It’s a painting by the talented Liza Hirst of Dordogne, France as mentioned here in one of my favourite design blogs by Anna Spiro. I share her love of paperweights, flowers and anything French.

pretty desk scape by anna spiro


Anna Spiro Card

I bought my very first paperweight at Les Puces (the fleas) in Paris and I so wish I had bought one or 2 more. Right now, it sits on my desk at work, but as soon I find the perfect old table for a desk in our second bedroom, I plan to grow my collection. And, since a trip to Paris is not in my immediate future, I’ve been spending my time at an equally enchanting flea market – etsy.

Here are some paperweights I have my eye on. I just can’t decide which one to buy…

PaperweightJane Austin PaperweightFlower paperweightParis Paperweight

Etsy Finds: 1) Bacio2003 $33; 2) Chini $20; 3) Botanicraft $24; 4) PaperFlowers $10

3 thoughts on “Le lounge lézard

  1. Liza Hirst

    How nice to start the day with finding your lovely blog and on it my painting! Thank you very much for mentioning me! I enjoy your blog thoroughly and am looking forward to more. Tomorrow is wednesday – I’ll think of you and might have a glass of champagne myself!!


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