Let the champagne find you.

San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco  

Say you’re in San Francisco, it’s a Wednesday, and you feel like having champagne.  And you’re broke, or you’re not broke, but it’s not in your blood to drop $65 on a bottle of sparkling wine in a so-so restaurant.  And maybe you’re not even all that hungry. It’s 3 o’clock, and long before any kind of dinner planning happens, you are thinking that plush bed in the Fairmont on Nob Hill deserves a midday nap. From you. 

I understand completely.

That’s why it’s so nice to share with you what we’ve learned over the past 4 years…

San Francisco 

Sometimes champagne just happens.

It’s the sound of guitar music escaping out the door of a small wine merchant, who’s willing to pour you a glass on the side. 

And that is why it’s important to wander. Wherever you are.

The best glasses of champagne are enjoyed that way.  Trust me.

One thought on “Let the champagne find you.

  1. MJ

    Hmmm…. I have obviously been hiding from champagne until now. It has never found me in this way…. I will have to change the way I operate.



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