Marriage and friends

The Crooks

The great thing about having a regular event like champagne wednesdays in our life is that sometimes people want to share it with us. People like the Crooks (Christina, I stole this picture from your blog).

Michael and Christina – a creative, smart, engaged couple we like spending time with – had us over last night for dinner. They even popped their engagement bottle of Henkell (a year into marriage, mind you).  Christina is a writer and asks questions like, “when do you make time to be creative?” – all things that make me like her very much. And Michael even shared a bit about what’s it’s like to be married. I found that comforting, talking about marriage, because sometimes the act of getting married feels like setting off on a long journey with a blindfold on. A blindfold, or maybe blinders. Because you’re not supposed to look into anyone else’s.

Henkell is not for everyone as it’s a bit on the dry side. But for me, just the sight of the bottle gives me a homey, Christmas morning feeling  since its been the Hargreaves’ drink of choice on Christmas mornings for as long as I can remember.

Finally, I make an open apology for the chocolate mousse, two of which I knocked over in their kitchen. It was really more like chocolate soup.

Bye for now, Jen

One thought on “Marriage and friends

  1. christina

    “Creative, smart, engaged” — you are too kind!

    Hooray for Henkell! and chocolate soup! and wonderful friends! We had such a great time last night too, and must do it all again soon. (Perhaps, sans spills?) 😉

    Love Christina


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