Midday chat

me: I need to go get lost in LA.
Ashleah: Why LA? can i come? i’d like to do that as well
me: just seems like a place to get lost and sit on beaches or patios and be kind of fancy free. Yes, I cannot go without you. you are my forever companion.
Ashleah: http://travelocityca.lmdeals.com/results.html?in_hpclick=search_widget&in_location_key=&in_destform_state=CA&in_origination_key=2681&in_region_pd_key=168%2C69%2C19%2C377%2C18%2C649%2C263%2C363%2C70%2C393%2C17%2C425%2C16%2C367%2C38%2C266&in_pd_key=19&in_start_date=&in_end_date=
me: you make me happy.
Ashleah: that’s the goal. I think we should get nexus passes.

One thought on “Midday chat

  1. Sarah

    I highly recommend Nexus passes. You have to give over every human right you thought you had, but the $80 fee pays for itself the first time you don’t have to wait for 3 hours…or half an hour for that matter. You guys are so schmoopy!


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