4 thoughts on “Moms I love…

  1. Kari

    Awwwww…….that was super cool!
    And these are the Jen’s I love:

    #1- Jen Hargreaves…….D’uh.
    #2 – Jenny Quigley, our next door neighbor when I was 3 yrs old (she always had gum for me).
    #3 – Jennifer Garner-Affleck, for keeping it real.
    #4 – Jennifer’s Pet Rescue, located in Dallas, Georgia

  2. Kim

    Oh Jen! You are too sweet! Kari was right…that was very cool!
    I hope your name gets added to that list soon…but plan your wedding first and enjoy all that it brings…there is lots of time for having a playmate for David & Ethan!


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