More in Dundarave (where Sundays happen)


This is the sign to the Bakehouse, where yes, people bake things. By the seaside. Good things. Things you’ll maybe wish you hadn’t eaten afterwards, unless you went directly following some some kind of morning activity like walking whiskey along the Ambleside seawall or showering vigorously.

The bread (oh the bread) is on the thick and grainy side with a surprising sweetness that makes you want to say something very cultured, like “bravo,” when matched with warm, drippy butter and homemade jam. You are, after all, in West Vancouver – where else could you accidentally get caught in the middle of a Porsche show?

I like the open plan of the kitchen, the friendly and helpful staff and the three tables outside that you can move according to the sun line without getting yelled at…not even by the Porsche lookers.

The coffee is not the star, but it’s reliable. good and organic. But then again, most everything is good by the seaside.

The Bakehouse at 2453 Marine Drive, West Vancouver
Tel: (604) 925-3031

2 thoughts on “More in Dundarave (where Sundays happen)

  1. champagnewednesday

    No I haven’t! I never got passed childhood fear of all things fishy. But everyone I know seems to love salmon – so great tip! Actually, it’s endlessly embarrassing to be from the west coast and not love it. I may have to give it another try.  Have a good weekend Lindsay! Thanks for visiting.


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