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Between budget restraints and being a bit under-the-weather, Ash and I haven’t had much champagne to report of lately.  Not that I’m complaining. It would just be nice to have a little bubble-powered story to tell you.  Sometimes when I’m too sleepy or distracted to think of new things to say, I roam around trying to find nice pictures to show you.  I found this one hereWork hard and be nice to people. Simple, right?

Life itself is feeling pleasantly simple these days. Our cash rolled into glass jars labelled “groceries”. My nephew’s little knock on the back door. The amoires sold on craigslist. Dinner plans with parents. Sunday walks on Seaview trail. Lime cordial in our gin and tonics.

It’s snowing tonight, just a little. Like a deliberately scarce shake of salt upon the city.

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