No one wants to see pictures of snow (Lost Lake Trail and other things you’ll need to know about Whistler)


When it’s all sun and cherry blossoms in Vancouver, it’s hard to imagine that a short 1.5 hour drive away you could be faced with snow – and lots of it. All over the trail and in your way while you’re trying to be active so you can justify drinking more champagne.  That’s why in the pictures below we look terribly under-dressed for such arctic conditions, just so you know.

On Friday, we decided to head up to Whistler and walk the Lost Lake loop trail with Whiskey. We packed the following essential hiking supplies, none of which are available at MEC:

  • Tim Horton’s water – check
  • Unfinished squares of Mink’s PB & hint of J chocolate bar – check
  • Begging Strips for Whiskey – check
  • Half a bottle of champagne  – check

Luckily, despite the lake’s frosty appearance, it was really quite mild out. Even luckier, our trained eyes spotted the perfect opportunity to chill our champagne with a quick burial in the parking lot snow drift. Here are instructions for a lovely day and night in case you find yourself in a similarly distressing situation:

wolf blass burial

First, dig a hole.

Burying champagne in the snow

Second, place the champagne in the hole (bury it a little so other hikers don’t find it before you get back).

the border collie cross

Warning: your dog will look highly unamused at being delayed.


Once the champagne is secured in its bed of ice, commence hiking.


If the road looks treacherous, take some time to ponder your options.

Grandfather's Beard

We suggest finding some grandfather’s beard in order to look more ponderous than usual.


Whatever you do, do not fall into the ice. It is, afterall, called Lost Lake for a reason. Chances are no one will find you.

IMG_1747 Girl and her dog

Rest often.

When you finish the 5km loop, drink the champagne.  Don’t be afraid to pretend you hiked farther than you did. The champagne will taste better the farther you say you hiked.

Next, get a walk-in rate ($159/night; dog bed included) at the Whistler Hilton.  

Do not eat soup at the Mix at the Ric’s. Even if you are really, really poor and think soup will save you money, get the burger. Trust me.  

Finally, re-live your respective  pre-wedding parties like it’s 1999 at Buffalo Bills

Eat breakfast here if you care about things like bacon and hashbrown (and you should!).

Then, return home along the confusing new sea-to-sky (it’s so disorienting not to see the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal anymore) without ever once mentioning to your wife/girlfriend/buddy that she/he sleeps with their mouth open like a stoned caveman.

6 thoughts on “No one wants to see pictures of snow (Lost Lake Trail and other things you’ll need to know about Whistler)

  1. bandelle

    I am seriously jealous. Whistler looks absolutely beautiful! Growing up in Australia then moving to Houston means that I have had very few opportunities to see snow. I can’t imagine a better way to see it than with a glass of champagne in your hand!


  2. Kristin

    That’s my kind of hiking! Booze bring along and all. It looks so gorgeous up there. Makes me want to get outta the Florida heat! Thanks for the shout out the other day!

  3. pia

    you are hilarious jen! i love all of it – and i stayed in the whistler hilton last time i was there! and ate at the wild wood for breakfast! oh i love whistler. love it. miss it. love it.

    thanks for sharing your fab weekend.


  4. Jaimie

    I miss hiking in snow, rain, sleet, and sun with you and whatever we could bring along on our backs…we should hike the Juan de Fuca again one day. I can see that your pre-Champagne-days preference for Canadian Club really had a formative impact on your hiking style. Same celebratory style, different gumption…. Miss you XOXOX.


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