NZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Because it’s Dreamy. I want to go there.

Alice in the pretty green dress: thank you for the card! It made my day! And it arrived on a weekend full of stories from New Zealand….

Last night, our dear friends, Jaimie & Al, made a short pit stop in Vancouver before making the final leg of their journey home after a month in New Zealand – a place that is taking up so much of my dreaming time these days.  They kite-surfed, rented a sailboat, spent a glorious week in Fiji, celebrated Quinn’s birthday with a retired circus pony and…ahem… did it all with 3 kids. Every life is different, but their life seems especially pumped full of technicolour happiness. I love being around them and wish it were far more often.  Ash and I have decided to make our first voyage to their home in Northern Saskatchewan this summer.  I think we’ll bring them a replacement bottle of Veuve Cliquout (long story – but we’re going to make them open it the moment we get there, black flies or no black flies, before we even get in the door).

And then there’s Ms Alice…still in New Zealand. It’s her home. You can see from her photos how fiercely she loves it.  My brother-in-law, Alex, is there with her in what I suspect is voluntary, blissful captivity. They’ve spent the last few months taking holidays from their holidays, and making us all long for sun on our necks, farms in our backyards and a bit more bare-bummed joie de vie in our lives.  I stole these photos shamelessly from her Facebook albums….

Home front door

I love this house. It’s her family home.

Don’ they look happy? I can’t wait to visit!

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