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I used to really want to go to Russia, which is the only relation this photohas to my comeback post of 2008. I imagine Mrs. Talossa has been to Russia. I imagine she’s left many hotel beds there full of scone crumbs and coffee spills. I can read all this into one picture because her blog is in a foreign language that looks like this: Kirjavarasto on taas päässyt ehtymään. I like not being able to read her blog. I read her photos instead.

This weekend, I had a funny dream. In the dream, it was the day of the wedding and I was in pure panic. I had forgotten Ash’s name. I couldn’t even remember what he looked like.  And I was too afraid to admit it to anyone.  My mind raced through ex-boyfriends and past acquaintences. I just couldn’t come up with a name or a face. When I finally did breakdown and admit my amnesia to my sister, she answered: Ashleah, of course.

I can’t even begin to explain the wash of relief that crossed my heart. It would be like hearing your best friend was in a horrific crash – and escaped completely unharmed.  

Ashleah. Of course, my heart said.

Ashleah. I can marry him.

I woke up very certain about where I was. Eager to get out of bed.   

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  1. anne

    Your post made me smile. I enjoy reading the same blog: Liivian talossa. It is not Mrs Talossa though. Talossa means in the house. So the blog is called In Liivia’s house. 🙂 But of course you wouldn’t know this if you don’t understand Finnish. She does have a lovely blog with beautiful photos.


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