Paris Pink not LA pink

St Germain Paris

Wednesday’s Champagne: Pink by Yellowglen (Australian, $13.99). The back of the bottle says it has a soft, delicate mouth feel, and I think that pretty much sums it up. We paired it with two grilled cheese sandwiches and about 20 pickles. Perfect for spending the night trying to trick Ash into telling me where we’re going this weekend. The pink is the colour of that Sarah Jessica Parker perfume my sister used to wear. I think it was called Lovely. More Paris-pink than LA-pink. This is one of our regulars. It’s good for feeling like this:


Pairs at night

When you’re more inclined to feel like this:

George Pompidou in Paris


First two photos from this dreamy place…the last one from my own archives.


One thought on “Paris Pink not LA pink

  1. Ashleah Wilson

    Saint Germain is a wonderful place to find a wandering heart.

    I still only sort-of understand that piano with the red cross… Though it’s probably one of the more accessible modern art pieces I’ve seen, so let’s follow the thought: piano … leads to ivory … leads to elephant… leads to endangered species… leads to red cross meaning emergency… which takes us back to where we find ourselves: in a blissful, appreciative state of contemplation over art that we think we almost understand, which, really, is an accomplishment, n’est pas?


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