This page is a work in progress…I will be working on it as I go. My hope is that eventually it will be a great resource for anyone travelling to paris. But, we all have to start somewhere (and I will probably require one or two refresher trips)!

NEW!!! If you are planning a trip to Paris, be sure to take along  Ina’s insider Guide to Paris. E. Dehillerin and the antique market were two of our highlights for sure.

For now: photos, links, memories and more:

Poilane Bakery

Poilane, le pain… how I love you.

Happy Jen Guerlain

These are awful sunglasses, I know. But I smell like a dream. I am so afraid they will discontinue this fragrance one day.



IMG_1074The Eiffel Tower in the Distance

Modern Art?

Flowers of ParisVegetables at the Market

A Paris Street at Night

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  1. Jas

    Did I tell you that I ABSOLUTLEY fell in love with Paris? I want to go there next year and work from Paris for a month.

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