One thought on “Passing time on Passage Island (More Photos)

  1. Francine (Frankie in OZ)

    Hello, I am a past Vancouverite living in Australia and firstly I wanted to say Bravo on a great Blog! I found it simply by accident (Passage Island realestate) and it reminds me of good ‘old Vancouver’. Did you know the previous owners of this great Cottage – was it you? If you know the ones who bought it can you send them my email: frankie.forde@gmail as I was really interested in it but we still had commitments in Australia-I am a Canuck married to an Aussie but I often go back to visit my family and friends. We were thinking of buying the Cottage at Passage Island as a holiday home but now it’s sold-so sad. If you have any info you can pass on that would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Frankie


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