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I hate when I venture onto someone’s blog only to find a long, chastising post about how they are such a bad, bad blogger for not writing lately. This lady (who’s eerie/beautiful photos and funny anecdotes keep me bookmarking) is a bad offender. No apologies necessary, seriously. I hate to think (but know too well) what kind of odd self-imposed guilt (read: importance) holding a blog can impose. Even though I do sometimes find a blog that so transports me to another world that I refresh incessantly, just hanging on for that updated account of yesterday’s stroll or today’s thought on art. Anyway, this is all to say (ha! I am just as bad) I am not apologizing. I was just excited by a recent comment from her that reminded me I should get back to blogging! Because there’s good company out there. Because I like it. And because it’s fun to see one’s own name in lights, even if I put up the sign.

Now for what I came here to say:

Portland Modern

We can all dream for a little while before it’s time to go to work, to feed the kids, to run, to grocery shop, to wash your hair, to be someone different than the person who is just having her coffee and thinking of buying this house. Click here to change your mind about Portland.


4 thoughts on “Portland Modern

  1. Sarah

    Stunning. Makes me wonder why I have so much stuff when so little stuff looks like that. Also….little known fast about Portland…it has the highest number of strip clubs per capita on any US city. At least that’s what I was told a few years ago. Keep the blog alive!

  2. Daggerdon

    Blogging is so much work!  But it is fun to read other people’s blogs, especially someone you know.You and Ashleah have such a lovely home, and it is so well appointed.  Truly less is more, although you’d never know it from Kath and me.

  3. star anise

    Hi Jen,
    Glad you’re enjoying our site.  And happy that you’re going to read the book!  You won’t be disappointed… promise.
    We’ve just added you to our links list.
    Star Anise


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