This photo from Pia brings me back vividly to the brief time I lived on a sailboat in  Brentwood Bay.  The soundtrack of that memory is something I wish everyone to know. Imagine the most satisfying of yawns stretched out across a nighttime; sleep with more movement and stillness at once. Shhhh listen:  the small, charming music of sails in the rain.

One thought on “Re-memory

  1. Jaimie

    Add to this sepia-toned soundtrack:
    1) The incessant, rapid, discordant, “ping-ping-ping-ping-ping-ping!” of hardware and loose rigging slapping against the mast on every other boat.
    2) The whine of seagulls and the anticipation of one fiesty little black dog who lived, for a time, on J-dock. (Thanks Whiskey, for one summer, at least, the seagulls were kept at bay.)
    3) The staticky crinkle of wind in plastic tarps…not dissimilar to the sound of television snow.


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