Required: etsy/professional intervention.

Keep Calm Poster

My latest print arrived last week from Etsy seller SFgirlbybay (it’s the print in the picture, not the picture itself). I thought this would make a perfect daily reminder for Ash and I to keep calm during the next 6 months before our wedding. Until then, I think I might hang it in my new office at work (yes, a new office, as in a new job, again). Anyway, I just love it. It’s even aptly named “wedding mint” for the background colour. I am starting to think the mailman might think I am some kind of 1) drug pusher or 2) shopohilic (more likely, right?) for all the packages I have been receiving in the mail lately. Can you still be classified as a grossly out-of-control consumer when you are buying strictly handmade??? You can, can’t you? Damn.

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