David. Sunday morning. I am still in my pajamas and only half-awake when I hear your mom’s knock at our door. And there you are, too. In your green shirt and boy shorts. Your first tan. Your hair all raised up like a monster’s into golden spikes of sunblock. Today, you’ve come to show me how you’ve learned to say “auntie.” And when you smile at me this morning, as I jump over the balcony to scoop you out of your stroller, you seem so full of recognition that I’m stung by a million bumble bees of love for you. I pour your mom a cup of coffee and we watch your little tick-tock of a walk around the patio. You move like an impatient clock with a fluttering beat of a heart. Time moves with you, with every airplane and crow that your eyes and ears have learned to catch. Later, you ask for ice and grab big rocks of it to dissolve over your bright, red gums. All those teeth at one-year old! New words every day now. If I don’t see you for three days, the next time you’re a whole new little boy. Watching you grow is such a miracle. I had to write it down.

Photo from Lovely Design.

5 thoughts on “Scribbles

  1. Sarah

    Thanks Aunteeee. These words will have a special page in David’s scrapbook. And for the record, those aren’t his scribbles!

  2. Jas

    Ahhh, this one made me smile. I needed a smile today! I love reading your blog Jen. I miss your lovely smile in the office. You should drop by lunch somtime and tell me all about your wedding plans and your new job.

  3. Debbie (Grandma)

    I know exactly what you are saying, David is so precious, my heart could explode with love! He is so full of wonder and amazement in everything he sees, hears and does. He had a wonderful sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa’s, to see his smiling little face and reaching arms in the morning is enough to melt your heart. We tried to wake snoring Grandpa up, which he thought was so funny. I had to make 1000 snoring sounds all day. It was even funnier when he tried to imitate me. Once Grandpa was awake, David insisted we all jump on the bed, he laughed so hard! It has been along time since we jumped on the bed.Later in the day, David puddled in the sprinkler, he just couldn’t figure that out, it kept coming back and tickling his legs and he tried so hard to catch the water. Can’t wait till the next sleep over, which seems to far away! Ohwhwhwhw He is so cute!! And of coure there is boomalaka boomalaka!!! which he loves!!

  4. Auntie Kathy

    Jen, you write so beautifully.  Reading that makes me think of my wonderful grandchildren & all the love that I have for them.  You made me well up with little love tears! 


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